Deaf woman forces Simon to hit ‘Golden Buzzer’ with her unique performance

No one who still has their hearing can imagine what life must be like when everything around you is on mute. There are challenges that go well beyond anything we can picture, challenges that the young woman in the video below unfortunately knows way too well.
You see, Mandy Harvey lost her hearing ten years ago due to a disease that affected her nerves. Then, she felt like she had to give up one of her biggest passions in life, singing. Mandy had been singing since she was four years old, so losing her hearing was a big hit for her.
She stopped singing for a while, but was feeling extremely unhappy without this part of her life. So she made the decision to pick herself up and try singing again.
By using muscle memory, trusting her pitch, and digital tuners, Mandy managed to sing like she used to, and sounds absolutely perfect, as you can see from her audition at America’s Got Talent.
You would never be able to guess she is deaf just by listening to her sing!
Make sure to grab a box of tissue before you hit play, because this one is definitely a tear-jerker!

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