How to Make Omelette Taste Heavenly: Simple Tips You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Eggs are definitely a breakfast staple, so chances are you already know some basis tricks on how to make omelette taste decent. All you have to do is beat some eggs into a bowl, add a pinch of salt and pepper and throw it all in a sizzling pan, right?
Sure, that’s how most people do it, but if you want to take your omelette to the next level, it helps to know some tips. Knowing how to make omelette might not seem like rocket science, but sometimes, things that seem extremely easy to make are actually extremely hard.
Also, there’s always a way to improve your skills in the kitchen and make food taste better.
The first tip I want to share with you actually has to do with salt. Now, most of us add salt in our omelette when we whisk the eggs together, but that’s actually a mistake.
You see, salt draws the moisture out of the eggs, so your omelette might end up getting kind of dry if you do this at the beginning. Always season your eggs with salt at the end, and you’ll get a fluffy omelette just like your mom used to make.
Another great tip that will help you make your omelette taste like one served at a fancy restaurant has to do with how you stir the eggs once they are in the pan. Many people make the mistake of moving the eggs too much. Sure, there needs to be some movement, but don’t overdo it.
What you want is to get the inside of the omelette cooked first, and there won’t be a need to flip it either.

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