Woman reunites with her senior dog missing for months after spotting him on Facebook

This woman in Florida has miraculously reunited with her 15-year-old missing dog. The unexpected reunion was possible thanks a Facebook post. After nearly a year, the woman was left in tears, when she came across a photo of her dog on the social network.

Facebook/Sunshine State Westie Rescue

It was an October rainy day, when Lisa Raulerson, from West Palm Beach, has accidentally left a door open and her four-legged friend, Sparky, found his way out and disappeared. The unfortunate event left Lisa heartbroken, as she and her late husband have adopted Sparky when he was just a puppy, and they raised him together.

Helped by her friends and neighbors, Lisa searched for the senior dog for weeks, but it was all in vain. The woman even assumed, the dog passed away.

Facebook/Sunshine State Westie Rescue

“We looked for a week or two, just straight looking for him,” Lisa explained for WPTV. “We pretty much figured he passed away. It was so sad because he was part of us and we talked about him every day.”

But even though she could have sweared she won’t see Sparky again, after 331 days since he went missing, Lisa was about to reunite with her beloved furry friend. While scrolling down Facebook, the woman just spotted a photo of her Sparky. She just recognized him straight away and her heart felt with joy.

“I feel like a void in my heart was filled,” she said. “I never thought I’d see him again but here he is. I wish he could talk.”

The lifesaving photo was shared online by the Sunshine State Westie Rescue, the shelter where Sparky ended up, after he was found wandering the streets by animal control officers. A couple of days after, the dog and her mom reunited!

After Sparkly miraculously returned to his home, the shelter shared another post to tell people forced to go through the terrible experience of losing their dogs, to never give up. On the other hand, the staff wanted to raise awareness regarding the importance of having your pet microchipped.

“Keep your posts about your missing dog updated, keep the information with the shelter up to date,” the post reads. “You just never know what could happen. MOST IMPORTANTLY, microchip your dog or cat, and register that chip! That is the best chance of getting your dog back home.”

More about this heartwarming reunion in the video below:

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