Rescued piglets try to nurse from a four-month-old kitten in sweet footage

While we have witnessed shelter animals comforting each other, for so many times, it is always so heartwarming to see rescued four-legged beings bonding in times of need. This time some rescued piglets and a kitten befriended after they have met at a rescue center in Georgia.

Wild Things Sanctuary

After she rescued a little of piglets, Adrienne Jacobs who runs the Wild Things Sanctuary in Union Point, was worried to find them a foster mom as they looked too young to feed themselves. But to Adrienne’s surprise, the tiny piglets looked they are actually able to hold their own, despite so young.

Even though they have just arrived at the shelter, the cute piglets have already found a very reliable friend in Mac, a four-month-old rescue kitten. Apparently, the piglets and the kitten have found comfort in each other and they were inseparable, especially when they were taking naps.

Wild Things Sanctuary

One day the 32-year-old woman was keeping an eye on Mac and his tiny friends, when noticed the piglets were all trying to nurse from the kitten and surprisingly, Mac let them do it. Adrienne managed to caught the heartwarming scene on camera and the result is nothing short of adorable. Take a look:

“Mac loves them, he begs them to cuddle up with him,” Adrienne said. “These are his best friends…and for anyone wondering if the cat enjoys it – can you hear him purring?”

Although the three piglets grew up, they still spent time alongside their furry friend and they adore taking naps together. “People keep asking, what’s going to happen to this cuddle pile once the piglets turn into big pigs – and this is your answer,” the woman said. “Nothing changes!”

Wild Things Sanctuary
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