The Forest Fire Burned Almost Everything, Firefighter Saves an Innocent Life

One spark was all it took – The Black Forest Fire in Colorado in June 2013 is considered the most catastrophic fire in Colorado’s history. In the middle of this deadly blaze, this firefighter in Colorado Springs, CO rescues a little fawn that has been separated from its mother. Still possibly in shock, the little deer must somehow realize that these people are trying to help as it calmly lays back in the caregiver’s arms. The firefighter hands the deer over to another worker who helps to get the poor animal some water and nourishment. Forest fires don’t just affect people and their homes – they affect absolutely everything in their path. It is a deadly force that man can barely touch.

Quickly becoming out of control, these fires have left total and complete destruction, tearing apart the homes and families of both people and animals alike. It only takes a very small blaze to start a force to be reckoned with. These firefighters and workers spent countless hours working to control the deadly blaze. We are so thankful for the men and women who dedicate their lives to helping others and making our world a safer and better place.

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