Frustrated Man Builds Park Stairs for $550 After City Estimates $65k, Then The City Destroys It

Within Tom Riley Park in west Toronto, citizens of all ages should be able to enjoy a beautiful public garden. However, for the community’s senior citizens, getting into the garden is often impossible due to the fact that there is no easy access to it.
There’s only one hill leading down into the garden through the park, and for senior citizens, going down the hill poses serious risks. Frustrated by the authorities’ lack of initiative to fix this problem, local senior Adi Astl reached out to one of the members of the city. A simple set of stairs would have been enough to fix this problem and make the area safer for senior citizens.
However, Adi was told that the project to install the stairs would cost anywhere from $65,000 to $150,000, and that such an expense is simply not within the city’s budget.
So the man decided to take matters into his own hand. Using the skills and expertise he’s acquired as a mechanic, the man was able to build the stairs for $550. But the city council wasn’t too happy about his initiative and tore the stairs down.
But that’s not how things ended. Find out what happened next by watching the video below.

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