Tiny Horse Thinks He’s a Cyclist, Joins “Tour of Poland” Race in Hysterical Video

Every year, cyclists gather to take part in famous Tour de Pologne (or Tour of Poland), but this year’s edition also featured a more peculiar contestant. An adorable tiny horse who probably thinks he’s a cyclist was spotted running among the cyclists, and now the images are going viral.
The palomino painted pony was spotted midway through the race, and no one was able to take their eyes off of him. Even though his legs might be short, he more than makes up for it through determination and passion.
The horse didn’t seem at all intimidated by all the professional cyclists around him and kept making its way down the narrow streets of Poland. The miniature pony kept going for a considerable amount of time.
However, his tiny legs proved to be no match for the cyclists’ strong legs operating the bicycle, and the pony was forced to abandon the race. Even so, he managed to leave quite a strong impression on everybody who saw him do his thing on the race track.
And no one could resist snapping a photo of the adorable horse, even if he didn’t win anything.
Also, there’s always next year, right?


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