Funny Dog Enjoys Picking Dandelions

A dog residing in Sedro Woolley, Washington has developed an interesting hobby – he takes pleasure in removing the heads of dandelions. This activity brings him so much joy that, as his owner reports, he will engage in it for a remarkable 10 to 15 minutes whenever given the opportunity.

This canine’s unique pastime proves to be quite beneficial for maintaining a weed-free garden. As one viewer cleverly commented, “Weed eater model: Dogogo.”

Some observers also pointed out the edible qualities of dandelions. One viewer shared, “Dandelions are surprisingly delicious,” while another remarked, “Dandelions make a delightful addition to any salad!”

It is important to note that plucking dandelions is safe for dogs, as the plant itself is not toxic to them. Nevertheless, it is advisable to be vigilant about your dog’s exploration and consumption of other plants outdoors, as some can pose a risk to their health.

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