Police find Husky missing and confirm his identity when he plays his ‘favorite song’

Siberian Huskies are a notably communicative breed, with their vocalizations tending more towards howling than barking. This has led to a proliferation of videos on social media featuring “talking” huskies.

Originally, these dogs were bred for pulling sleds and communal living, thus their vocal nature was cultivated as a means of communication during work. Interestingly, this specific characteristic played a crucial role in helping one lost Husky find his way back home.

In the city of Beersheba, Israel, a group of teenagers stumbled upon a frail, undernourished husky.

Acting responsibly, they took the dog to the local police, who provided immediate medical attention. The officers soon discovered that this Husky bore a striking resemblance to the description of a missing dog from the same city.

They reached out to the family who had reported their Husky missing, and the family proposed an ingenious method to confirm the identity of the dog.

The family suggested that the police play the theme tune from ‘Shemesh’, the dog’s favorite TV series. If the dog started to sing along, it would undoubtedly be their missing pet.

As soon as the theme song began playing, the Husky immediately perked up and started howling. This immediate reaction confirmed for both the police and the owners that this was indeed the missing pet.

The family quickly made their way to the police station, leading to a heartwarming reunion with their beloved pet.

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