German shepherd adorably activates security camera in amazing video

Dogs are constant explorers, especially when they’re home alone. But even they frequently ruin everything they touch, their hilarious adventures put everyone in stitches. This time a German Shepherd had somehow managed to turn off the security system and the Internet can’t handle the moment

Joe Corsi was at work when he got a phone alert from his home security system. However, little did he know it won’t anything like he expected. Shortly after checking the live stream the man realized no on was breaking into his house, but the footage soon revealed who the (innocent) thief was. Joe immediately started to laugh when he saw his 3-year-old dog, Sasha, sticking her face into the camera.


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“When I got the alert, I began to view the camera live to make sure no one was trying to break in or anything,” the man explained for Fox News. “What happened next explains everything!”

The amused owner said it was the first time when his pup does such thing, even she expressed her curiosity about the cameras a few times. “Indeed, we had to move the camera because she gets curious,” Joe said. “She must have bumped the camera with her snout to set off the motion.”


Since the hilarious scene was all caught on tape, Joe decided to share it to a Facebook group named ‘German Shepherd Owners’. It didn’t took too long, though, until Sasha became an internet sensation!

“When your security cameras pick up motion, you watch the live feed to see what’s going on,” Joe write on the video description. ” Then what happens next is…” Take a look:

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