Great Dane not allowed to swim, expresses his displeasure

If you have ever had a dog, then you know that in many ways, they are a lot like children. For instance, dogs need a lot of attention and plenty of snuggle time – just like babies do. Another way dogs are remarkably similar to kids has to do with their learning behavior.
Both of them need to be taught right from wrong, and both of them will do things are not allowed to, and it will usually happen the second you’ve reminded them something is off limits
The Great Dane in the video below is a great example that dogs don’t always want to follow their owners’ directions just like kids don’t always listen to their parents. The Great Dane has been repeatedly told not to get in the pool, but he clearly wants to and would go to extreme lengths just to go for a quick swim.
How can we know this? Well, his response to his owner telling him to stay out of the pool is pretty telling. Take a look at the clip and see for yourself!
As frustrating as it sometimes is for your dog not to obey you, no loving owner can stay mad at their canine friends for long – especially when they are this adorable!

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