Girl Reads Out Bio in Front of School, Quickly Realizes Entire School and Teachers Set Her Up

Having a family member who is serving in the military is a source of pride, but it also involves massive sacrifices. Going for long periods of time without seeing a loved one is not easy. However, military families often handle these situations with dignity and grace.
But that doesn’t mean it’s not extremely hard. The student in the video below knows just how difficult it is not to see a family member for long periods of time. Haley Webb is an 8th grade student at Bingham Middle School in Missouri whose dad has been deployed for years.
Recently, Haley was asked to take part in a school event in celebration of Veteran’s Day. Her role in the event was to introduce a special guest who will speak at the event. As she began to read the paper she was given, Hailey’s eyes start to tear up.
Soon after, Haley realizes the person she was supposed to introduce is actually her dad who has come home to surprise her. Her reaction as she gets to finally hug her dad after all those years is the best thing you’ll see today.
Make sure you have a box of tissue nearby before you watch this:

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