Man Collapses in Emotion When Girl He Raised Gives Most Special Graduation Gift He Could Imagine

Graduating from high school is an important moment in the life of every young man and woman. So when Lauren Hernandez graduated from high school, she wanted to mark the occasion by asking all of her close friends and family to attend a party to celebrate the occasion.
However, she didn’t want to make it all about her, although she had every right to do so. Instead, Lauren used the opportunity to gives thanks to a man who has been by her side her entire life: her mom’s boyfriend of seventeen years and the man she grew up calling a father.
Lauren wanted to acknowledge the fact that most of her accomplishments couldn’t have come to fruition if it wasn’t for him and his ongoing support. And the way she decided to do that is truly incredible.
In the video that captures the moment, we can see Lauren handing her dad some papers. The man instantly gets chocked up and starts tearing up. As it is later revealed in the video, those mysterious papers were actually adoption papers.
The man’s reaction when he realizes what is really going on is truly heartwarming. You need to see this.

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