‘Granny Pods’ now allow your aging parents to live in your backyard

When we are kids, we rely on our parents for everything from food and shelter to emotional support and care. But time doesn’t stop for anyone. So there’s a moment where we find ourselves returning the favor. And when it comes to that we all want what’s best for our parents. Anyway, due to the lack of space or other reasons, sometimes they cannot live with us.

Recent statistics show that more than 23 million Americans take care of their elderly parents. And many of these people have to choose between letting their parents to live alone or moving them into a nursing home. Nursing homes might be an option, but most of us want to keep the loved ones as closer as possible. So if you’re looking for a warm place for your parents to live in, but there isn’t enough space in your home and you don’t want them to go into a nursing home, ‘Granny Pods’ is the perfect solution.

Known as ‘Granny Pods,’ MED Cottages are the latest rage when it comes to elder care, and many feel it is the right solution they’ve been looking for. Designed to perfectly fit in a backyard, but still fully-equipped this adorable micro-homes are becoming a very popular housing alternative. Specially designed for seniors, this small dwellings’ price could range from $50,000 to nearly $250,000, depending on the size and characteristics. They even have a small outside terrace where the elderly can relax or enjoy their morning coffee and they can be set up in just a few weeks.

There are two types of this cottages : the MotherShip – designed on an RV platform and the LivingRoo. Both designed perfectly to fit into a garage space. The average size is 12 to 24 feet. The interior is fit with high-tech medical accessories and a video camera system. There’s also an item called a “virtual companion,” designed to play messages like “It’s time to take your medication.”

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