This guy attempts to jump into a pool, and fails miserably

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, things just don’t go as planned. We’ve all experienced moments when things just don’t go our way. We’ve all lost our keys, spilled a drink, woke up late, missed the last bus home, ran late to a meeting because there was an accident in traffic; and the list could go on forever.
Those moments are not pleasant, and they can sometimes lead to embarrassing situations. Heck, if I could have a penny for all those time I’ve made a foul out of myself because something didn’t go as planned, I would have been writing this post while sipping on a cocktail by the edge of the pool somewhere in the Caribbean Islands.
Making a foul out of yourself is never fun, but you know what would make it worse? If someone took a video of you and managed to capture the exact moment you embarrass yourself because something didn’t go as intended. And, believe it or not, this is not even the worse that can happen.
Things would be far worse if that someone decided to make your humiliation public and share that video with the rest of the world. And then, the video might go viral!
That’s exactly what happened to this guy:

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