Watching a bunch of babies and their “poo faces” in slow-motion is pure gold

Babies typically start talking around the age of one. Sure, some start talking sooner, other take longer to form their first words. Until then, though, their parents have to rely on other things to communicate with their babies and try to guess what they want and need merely judging by their faces expression, body language, and gestures.
Still, most parents out there know exactly what goes through their babies’ minds. They know their “I’m hungry” face, their “I’m just about to fall asleep” face, even their “I’m taking a poo” face.
Inspired by the real life of their customers, Pampers’ ‘don’t fear the mess’ advert captures babies’ ‘poo faces’ in slow-motion. The commercial was released sometime early last year, but it’s still getting plenty of love and attention online.
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I can’t get past how adorable these babies are! You need to see this!

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