A hawk flew into a man’s car before Hurricane Harvey and refused to leave the man’s side

A taxi driver from Houston made an unusual friend during Hurricane Harvey when a scared hawk flew into his car and refused to leave. According to, William Bruso, the owner of the taxy, the hawk flew into his car through an opened window while he had stopped to get food.
When returning from the store, the man just found the hawk siting on the passenger’s seat next to the driver’s seat. The man expected the hawk to get scared and fly away, but he was totally blown away by the bird’s reaction.
Not only did the hawk not fly away, but it actually seemed to be comforted by the man’s presence. As you know, this type of behavior is highly unlikely for bird of prey.
After making sure the hawk wasn’t injured in any way, William tried to release him but the hawk which was later dubbed as Harvey seemed unwilling to brave the storm on his own.
Seeing that the hawk won’t budge, the taxi driver ultimately decided to let Harvey tag along in his car until the hurricane has passed.
After, the man contacted an animal professional to make sure the hawk is well taken care of.

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