17 years ago, firefighter Mike H. saved Dawnielle from a burning home. In appreciation she did something beautiful for her hero

17 years ago, firefighter Mike Hughes saved then infant, Dawnielle Davison, from a burning home. She invited him to her graduation.

Hughes noted, “It was really cool for her to invite me. For her to acknowledge me, and be happy about it, that’s just really special. I thought, boy, that’s one cool kid.”

He continued, “I thought, ‘I wonder if that baby I pulled out of that fire is still alive and kicking.’ So I just got on Facebook and looked her name up and presto, there she was. I thought it would be fun to say hi. I was really curious more than anything.”

Dawnielle was grateful “someone like that, who saved me, cared enough” to follow up on how her life was going.

“It’s a miracle that I did come out of that [fire],” she said. “I feel like I owe him so much. It’s just amazing that I have got to meet the guy who saved my life. I just can’t thank him enough. There are way too many words to describe how much I could thank him.”

Photos courtesy of Courtesy of Dawnielle Davison .

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