Homeless teen learns to sew in shelter, changes life for good when he sews his date a prom dress

Any teenage girl wants a stunning dress for her prom that makes her feel like celebrity. And that’s exactly the effect Jimelle’s designs have on the lucky girls and young women who get to wear them.
And get this, Jimelle is only 18-years-old! The young man has had a pretty rough life up until now. With his mom not being able to provide for him, Jimelle ended up bouncing from shelter to shelter from a really young age.
He didn’t have much, but he had a skill that ultimately helped him change his life for the better. You see, he always loved to sew, a hobby he took up when he was 14-years-old. He practiced and practiced and he soon became good enough to make his own designs.
He ended up designing and creating a prom dress for one of his friends, and that dress transformed his life forever. The dress was so gorgeous that Jimelle started getting more and more requests and more clients.
Now, one of his dresses sells for around $500! What’s more, this young designer taking the fashion world by storm already has a waiting list for his gowns.
This is awesome!

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