Woman Feels Invisible Before Daughter’s Wedding. Gets Makeover That Leaves Her Unrecognizable

It’s true that looks are not the most important, but there’s no denying that appearance has a huge influence on how we feel. Being physically attractive boosts confidence and enhances personality. People who are comfortable in their own skin are more likely to socialize and express themselves.
So whether we like to admit it or not, looks are important at any age. But it’s not easy to love your body and the way you look, especially after a certain age. Bev, the woman in the video below, hadn’t felt happy about the way she looked for a really long time.
With his daughter’s wedding coming up, though, Bev decided it was time for a change. So she reached out to a professional make-over artists, Christopher Hopkins. The man was happy to help Bev rediscover her beauty using a few tricks.
With a little trimming here and there and professional coloring, Christopher turned Bev from a woman who always fade somewhere in the background to someone who is impossible to ignore.
The best thing about this video is the woman’s reaction when she takes a look at her new and improved self! You’ll want to see this!


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