Young man nails the chorus to “Dance with My Father.” Even Simon can’t help but raise his hands

If you are a big X-Factor fan, then chances are that you remember a contestant named Joseph McElderry. And if you don’t remember his name, then you will definitely remember his voice.
The young man from South Shields in the United Kingdom decided to do a rendition of “Dance with My Father” for his audition, and, as it later turned out, it was a great decision.
His outstanding performance has touched the hearts of millions who got to watch it on television. And it also got to the hearts of the judges who were more than happy to offer him a place on the competition.
Even Simon Cowell who has been in the jury since the show started in 2009 was impressed by his extraordinary talent. And he did something he doesn’t do that often: he raised in hands in signs of appreciation.
Well, believe it or not, it’s been almost ten years since Joseph auditioned for X-Factor, but one of the best (and worse) things about the Internet is that nothing is ever lost, which means you can enjoy listening to Joseph’s voice as often as you want.
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