Bon Jovi puts his own unique spin on “Hallelujah,” and it’s an instant hit

Jon Bon Jovi has pretty much rocked the music industry for the last couple of decades, and he only seems to get better and better with age. There is no denying that he has an incredible voice that allows him to tackle pretty much any kind of music genre he feels like it.
However, we’re mostly used to him doing rock songs and power ballads, which is why this incredible performance captured in the video below is such a rare treat.
Bon Jovi performed a beautiful rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” and the recording of it amassed more than 20 million views on YouTube alone since it was uploaded a few years back.
If you are a Bon Jovi fan (and who isn’t, right?) then you will definitely appreciate how his voice sounds on this song. The passion and emotion he puts into the song will make you want to listen to this performance over and over again.
It’s just one of those songs that no matter how often you listen to just never get old. Have any friends who are big Bon Jovi fans? In this case, you know what to do!
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