Lovely footage shows Husky dad playing with his puppies for the first time

In the animal world rarely happens to see both parents taking care of their babies, but there a few exceptions, and it is always too charming to watch a dad spending time with his little ones. Whether it is a curious lion dad, a very caring father swan, or maybe the playful Husky in the footage below, the result is nothing short of adorable!


In a lovely scene, a woman caught on video, the moment her Husky meets his puppies for the very first time. Dash – a father of nine adorable (and very energetic) puppies – is about to meet and play with his offsprings for the very first time. Felisha – the owner – decided to take advantage of the moment and record in on camera. A wise decision if you judge by the number of views her footage gained so far (over five millions).


Since they were born, the sweet puppies spent their time exclusively with their mom – Kitana. But the now 6-week-old fluffy balls got the chance to spend some time in the company of their so proud dad, and everyone looks so happy! Of course, it takes some time until Dash gets used with the energetic pups, so Felisha has to intervene to tell him to be gentle, but then things go naturally with the pups and their dad having a lot of fun.


Crouched down the floor, Dash is cuddling with his adorable babies. But everything happens under the supervision of Kitana and Felisha, who keeps reminding Dash to ‘be gentle.’

“Siberian Husky dad Dash playing with his 9 husky puppies for the first time at 6 weeks,” the woman wrote on YouTube. “This was Kitana’s first and Last litter.”

Watch the beautiful moment here:

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