Camera captures gentle dog comforting crying baby with his favorite toy

When this young couple in England had to bring home their newborn daughter, they had no idea how their dog will react. Nonetheless, weeks before the moment, they somehow trained Tommy – an adorable Doberman Pinscher – by putting clothes that belongs to the little baby, all over the house. This way, the dog would have got familiar with her scent. But soon as the moment came, Tommy proved to his family why he’s been called a gentle giant!

“We let him smell her worn clothes and told him ‘gentle,’” the parents said. “Then we brought Macie in, and he was naturally really inquisitive and gentle.”


The moment he met Macie, his little sister, Tommy’s instincts instantly kicked in, and he became obsessed to protect the baby!

“He was always so gentle and careful — it must be a natural instinct,” Nick told THE DODO. “It was like he instantly accepted her, as he always wanted to be close, but never touched her.”


Nick Elliott and his wife, never had any doubts regarding Tommy’s reaction upon meeting his sister as he was always friendly with everyone. But not even them, couldn’t anticipate his reaction; and Tommy surprised them all!

The little Macie was crying in her baby rocker, while her mom was in the kitchen preparing her bottle. So Tommy, who was all alone with his sister in the room, decided to take matters into his own paws. He just grabbed his favorite toy – a teddy bear – and gave it to his crying sister hoping it will comfort her. The adorable moment was caught on by the baby monitor and the parents could not believe their eyes when seen it.


“We looked back on the camera after my wife discovered the stuffed toy in with her, and that’s when we saw what he had done,” the father said. “His little tail wagging just made it!”

Watch the heartwarming scene here:

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