Husky has a sneezing fit. WATCH when he begins doing THIS — Bless You!

Dogs are awesome; there’s no doubt about that. There are many reasons that make dogs be so loveable. From the way they greet us after a long day at work as if we were the most important people to ever walk on the surface of Earth, to the way they cuddle up against us at night, it all just adds up to their charm and makes us love them.
It’s also the little things they do on a day to day basis. Even a basic, common sneeze seems so much cuter and more adorable coming from a dog. But don’t just take my word for it! Just look at the adorable Husky in the video below.
The dog has gotten himself in quite a sneezing fit and it is adorable as it is funny. The confused pup seems to have a hard time understanding what’s going on in his body that’s causing him to make all those weird noises, which only makes the video that more hilarious.
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