This adorable little ring bearer is doing everything right until he gets to the end… TOO CUTE!

Weddings are beautiful and special, but they can also be quite nerve-wrecking, especially for those who play a part in the actual wedding ceremony. Now, I’ve never been a ring bearer myself, but judging by the adorable video below, it looks like a stressful job.
In the wedding depicted in these images, a little boy is the one who was given the task to walk down the aisle while carrying the rings and deliver them to the bride and groom. At first, the cute little boy looks a tad confused when it comes to knowing what is his exact role and what is he supposed to do.
However, with a little side help from one of the guests, the boy manages to make his way down the aisle and behave like a proper ring bearer. Things take a slightly different turn, however, when the boy reaches his destination.
Instead of handing over the pillow where the rings were, the boy had another plan in mind. What he did next left all the guests laughing out loud. Well, you can say what you want, but this is one moment all wedding attendees are sure to remember.

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