Josh Groban Gives Real Meaning to Christmas – Leaves Tears in Everyone’s Eyes

There’s less than a week left until Christmas Day! With all the commotion that is present around Christmas time, it’s easy to forget the true meaning of the holidays and the fact that it should be a time when we celebrate the miracle of Jesus Christ being born.
That’s why I think videos like the one below from Josh Groban are so relevant and so important during this time of the year. While most Christmas music videos that come up during the holidays focus on decorations, the snow and the joy that come with the season, Josh Groban’s music clip for “O Holy Night” incorporate incredible scenes from The Nativity Story, and it’s something that everyone should see.
The way the visual story blends with the music and Josh Groban’s heartwarming yet powerful voice is what makes this clip stand out from the rest.
Christmas is a time we should spend laughing and talking while we are with family and friends. But it should also be a time when we remember how Christmas came about and that night when Jesus was born and changed the course of history.
If you only share one video today, I hope it will be this one!

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