Toddler Is Fed Ice Cream for Very 1st Time, Captured Footage Making Everyone Burst into Laughter

If you ask me, ice cream is the greatest invention since sliced bread. There are few problems in this world that a delicious bucket of ice cream can’t solve, because let’s face it, ice cream is downright amazing. Whether you like mixing flavors, add syrup or just eat it straight from the carton, ice cream is probably among your top favorite desserts.
But do you remember the first time you’ve had ice cream? Well, few of us do, which is a pity because chances are it would have made an awesome clip. Luckily for parents today, technology has enabled us to capture everything we want with the touch of a button.
And of course we use it to take adorable clips of our toddles trying different foods for the first time. The cute little boy in the video below is having his first scoop of ice cream and his reaction is melting people’s hearts (pun intended).
At first, he doesn’t know how to react to this new sensation he is experiencing, but as soon as he feels the explosion of flavors on his taste buds, he wants more. The boy’s facial expressions are downright priceless. Take a look:

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