Her Haunting Version of ‘What Child Is This’ Is Bringing Tears to Everyone’s Eyes

Lindsey Sterling is only in her early thirties but she already has amassed an impressive list of career achievements. You see, Lindsey loves to perform to bring joy to people’s lives and it’s a passion she’s had for as long as she can remember.
Her favorite instrument is and has always been the violin, an instrument she’s came to master and which brought her international fame and recognition. Her talent is undeniable but what helped her really stand out was her creative approach on classical music and the way she combines different musical textures to create a memorable effect.
The clip below shows Lindsay play a heartfelt rendition of a Christmas classic, “What Child Is This,” and it’s something that will most likely bring tears to your eyes. Wearing a stunning black headpiece, vintage scarf, and cozy sweater, Lindsay plays her violin in a wonderland-like setting that falls right in line with the mood of the song.
This is for sure a different way of listening Christmas music during this wonderful time of the year, so if you want to share the magic of music with others this holiday season, you know what button to press. Yep, it’s the Share button.

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