Young Couple Begins Singing in Empty Church, And Leave Everyone Covered in Goosebumps

It’s Christmas time and all of our favorite artists and musician are coming out with beautiful music that perfectly falls in line with the mood of the season. One such example is this breathtakingly beautiful rendition of “What Child Is This” and “Child of the Poor” by The Hound + The Fox.
Shot in a simple setting, the clip reminds us of the importance of being humble and value the spiritual rather than the material. But the one thing that really makes it stand out is the harmonious way in which the two singers’ voices come together to create the perfect musical symmetry.
It’s obvious that each one of these singers feel the lyrics of the song and the melody at a deep level, which is what helps them convey this level of emotion in the song. Their chemistry on stage is more than obvious as well, and there is a reason they are compatible when they perform. It’s because they make a great couple both off and on stage.
The two have been married for more than five years now, and the love they share gets translated into the way they sing as well.
To say this is hauntingly beautiful would be an understatement. You need to listen to this!

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