Homeless Man Falls to The Ground. Internet Brought to Tears by The Only One That Helped

We all know that appearance is important. That is why we put so much effort into the way we present ourselves to the world. We carefully choose our clothes, our hairstyle and we always try to put our best face forward. But have you ever thought how much does appearance influence the way we treat others?
The ability to feel compassion is one of human’s greatest qualities, but is it something that fluctuates based on how someone looks or the clothes they wear? It sounds absurd, right? Well, the social experiment in the video below shows that image does in fact have an influence on our willingness to be kind and show compassion for one another.
Here’s how the experiment went down: in the first scenario, a neatly-dressed young man falls down and is in need of assistance. Within seconds, those who witness the scene rush to help him. In the second scenario, a homeless man takes the place of the presentable young man, and people’s reactions are totally different.
People walked by indifferently and not even thought about helping the struggling homeless man. There was one exception, though, and it will single-handedly restore your faith in humanity. Take a look:

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