Over 40-Year-Old Cars Discovered at Bottom of Lake, Cops Look in Back Seat and Solve Mystery

Sometimes, what’s going in real life beats anything that you can find in the script of any Hollywood movie, and the story presented in the video below is one of the best examples I can give you.
After more than five decades after six people mysteriously disappeared without a trace in the state of Oklahoma, new clues have surfaced, bringing police officers closer to solving the case than they have ever been.
And it was all thanks to an officer who was testing out new sonar equipment near Lake Foss. Then, the police officer noticed two sharp metal objects emerging from the water. The objects later turned out to be the remains of two large cars resting of the bottom of the lake’s floor. Believe it or not, the cars were then identified as having a connection to the mysterious disappearance of the six people who went missing more than fifty years ago.
In fact, the cars belonged to two of those six people. Find out more about how it all tied into the case and what other details have surfaced thanks to this unexpected discovery by watching the video below. Families of those who went missing finally got the closer they needed after all this time!

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