Southwest Flight Attendants’ Pre-Flight Comedy Routine Has Entire Plane Howling.

Being in an airplane, high up in the air can be a stressful experience for a lot of people. And the ones who can make the experience more comfortable are the flight crew. Luckily, there are people like Frank and Clarence, flight attendants for Southwest Airlines, who go well above and beyond to ensure that passengers feel at ease during the flight.
Their antics onboard have gone viral, and it’s really no surprise why.
Clarence was the one who greeted the passengers via the Intercom by encouraging Frank to “explain the bathroom rules. It’s a long flight.”
As soon as the passengers heard that, they knew they were in for a good laugh. Following some more fun antics, the two admitted what was the the real reason for their impromptu speech, namely that they needed to stall while the pilots look up their destination on MapQuest.
This is definitely not the kind of speech you would expect during a normal flight. If anything, this sounds more like a stand-up performance! So if you need something to brighten up your day and put a smile on your face, this is the video for you.
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