4 Kids Take the Stage, Belt Out Classic Hymn with A Twist Like You’ve Never Heard Before

I don’t know what’s true in your case, but when I was around the age of the kids in the video below, I could barely speak right when in front of more than five people. Well, these talented kids not only can speak in front of a large audience but they can actually perform with the kind of charisma that you would expect to see at much more experienced entertainers.
The kids impressed everyone with their talent and performed with confidence well beyond their years. And although you would never be able to guess this just by watching them sing, these four kids are not actually members of the same group.
In fact, they have almost no experience singing together yet they manage to harmonize beautifully. In this particular performance, the kids were actually competing against each other to advance in the next phase of the show, but they all strived to make the performance as best it could be, as true professionals would.
Watching these young artists perform is something that will bring joy to everyone, so make sure to share this clip with others as well and maybe make their day just a little bit better.

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