Take Camping to The Next Level with This Tent Mansion – It’s Bigger Than Most Apartments

Going camping is a great opportunity to relax and spend some time in nature. But one of the less enjoyable parts about going camping is the fact that you have to sacrifice comfort, at least to some degree. Not tent can provide you with the comfort of your home, but this tent mansion comes pretty close.
Cabela’s Ultimate Alaknak tent can fit up to eleven people thanks to its impressive dimensions of 13 by 27 feet. An entire family can fit comfortably here, but space is not the only thing this tent has got going for it.
The Alaknak also features high-quality tent cloth material, which is water resistant. So even if it’s pouring rain outside, the interior won’t get wet. Moreover, the tent is sturdy enough to survive stormy weather, so safety will no longer be a concern.
And if that’s not enough, know that you can also cook inside, as the tent features zippered panel on the floor. Also, there are pockets and shelves around the tent for all kinds of gear you might need during your stay.
If all this sparked your curiosity, make sure to watch the video below to get a full tour and see what else this incredible tent has to offer:

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