Woman Blows Bubble On Pile Of Snow, But Watch As Freezing Air Transform It In Seconds

Have you ever seen a soap bubble turn into ice? Well, if you haven’t, now is your chance. The woman you can hear talking in the background of the video below decided to take advantage of the dropping temperatures to conduct a fun, little experiment, and the result is going viral.
After creating a perfectly round soap bubble, the woman turned on her camera and patiently waited for the bubble to freeze. The process was a pretty slow one, and there was the risk of the bubble popping in any second. But luckily, it didn’t, and the woman got to see the amazing transformation take place right in front of her eyes.
Later, she decided to share the footage with the rest of the world, and we’re all thankful she did because nature taking its course is something that is always really impressive to see.
As simple as this idea might be, you are going to love watching it in action. And if you liked this as much as we thing you did, then make sure to take a second to pass it along to others who might appreciate it as well.
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