Keep Your Eye On the Tall Grass in The Back, Guy Films Hilarious Viral Video [watch]

If you’ve ever had a dog, then you know that canines love to be outdoors. I know my pup starts jumping up and down if I just whisper the word “walk.” It’s true; there’s nothing they like more than having an entire field of grass they can run on and experiencing that feeling of total freedom.
And if you think that’s an exaggeration, just wait until you watch this adorable video of a dog bouncing in a field like the word is made entirely out of rainbows and sunshine.
Rosie is half whippet, half poodle, and as you can see from this video, she likes to bounce. So her owner decided to take her on a field near where they live in Norwich, East Anglia, UK, and after he ensured the field was tick-free, her just let her do her thing.
The man had a feeling his pup is not going to shy away from the camera, so he made sure he got everything on video. Rosie is clearly having the time of her life bouncing in the thick, green grass, and we can’t help but smile looking at the footage.
This will brighten up your day!

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