3 Girls Walk Out in Giant Hats, 1 Minute Later Dance Moves Have Audience in Stitches

As soon as these three little girls stepped on stage at a school assembly, the entire audience was already laughing. The only thing the audience could see was the girls’ legs and their gigantic hats that were almost as tall as they were, but the real show started when the talented little dancers started doing their choreographed dance moves.
It didn’t take long for them to win over the entire audience who was clapping for the beginning till the end. The girls put on the show to support their school assembly. If you look closely at the video, you will notice there are letters written on their hats. The letters spelled out the word “Walker,” which further amused the audience.
The song they chose to dance to was not randomly selected either. The famous country song “Elvira” perfectly complemented their routine and the whole cowboy vibe they had going for them.
What’s most important is the fact that these dancers who are just at the start of their “careers” had a lot of fun performing for their older peers at school. Also, everybody seemed to really get a kick out of their performance, which is bound to give them some confidence so that they consider doing more shows of this kind in the future.
They definitely know how to keep an audience entertained, that’s for sure!
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