Toothpaste isn’t just meant for teeth. Here are 10 genius ways to use it that you never expected

Did you know toothpaste can do a lot more than just help you maintain a healthy smile and keep your breath smelling fresh? As it turns out, there are many different ways you can use toothpaste that have nothing to do with brushing your teeth.
The cool video below shows 10 handy uses for toothpaste that will help you save time and money around the house, and also make your life a little bit easier. And who doesn’t like that, right? For instance, you can use toothpaste to get rid of an annoying pimple that decided to show up on your face at the worst possible moment.
Just place a small amount of toothpaste directly on your breakout, and leave it a few minutes to dry. The active ingredients in toothpaste will help reduce the swelling and help it heal faster. Another cool way you can use toothpaste is to clean crayon off the walls.
If you have children who like to express themselves creatively by drawing on the walls, this tip should definitely come in handy. A small amount of toothpaste will help clean the walls and make more room for new works of art.
For more smart hacks using toothpaste, check out the video below:

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