Kid has impressive talent, but it’s his comedic streak that has Steve Harvey in stitches

As the host of “Little Big Shots,” Steve Harvey had the chance to meet a lot of talented children, with amazing personalities and charisma. But just when he thought he heard and saw everything, he met this little guy.
Tommy Johnston is only 4-year-old, but he already has the rare ability to entertain an entire audience of people with his incredible personality and innate sense of humor. He proved it during his appearance on Steve’s show when he made everyone laugh with his stories about his family, particularly his older brothers who “won’t share their girlfriends” with him.
And don’t think Tommy’s bubbly personality is the only thing that makes him stand out. The young boy is also extremely intelligent and can identify all 45 of the United States’ presidents by their pictures. Not only that, be he knows quite a lot about each one of them as well.
Tommy definitely has a lot going for him, and I could definitely see him being the host of a late night show when he grows older. If this doesn’t put a smile on your face, then I don’t know what will.
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