Little girl starts belting out Celine Dion classic, seconds in judge spins around in disbelief

Giedie Laroco is only 13-years-old, but she already knows what she wants to do for the rest of her life: she wants to be a singer and use her special talent to bring joy to the world and entertain people anywhere she goes. But for that to happen as soon as possible, she needed to find a way to make her talent known.
Considering that the reality TV show “The Voice” is heard all over the world, Giedie and her parents thought it was the opportunity they were looking for. As soon as she stepped on stage for her blind audition, Giedie felt like that was the place she was meant to be.
That gave her even more strength to give it her best and make the most out of this opportunity to let everyone know what an incredible singer she is. Her song of choice was one that even professional singers may be intimidated by.
Giedie decided to do a rendition of Celine Dion’s “Power of Love,” and it was definitely an inspired choice! The little girl hit every note of the song perfectly, so it’s no surprise that the judges immediately slapped their hands down on the golden buzzer to spin their chairs and get her on their teams.
You need to see this!

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