Kind man rescues over 1,000 animals left behind during California wildfires

The devastating wildfires continue to rage in California and hundreds of families are forced to leave their homes. Unfortunately in many situations people could barely save their own lives, so their animals are often left behind. While their owners flee from the blaze, thousands of animals have nowhere else to go, but to helplessly face the inferno.

With the firefighters overwhelmed by the numerous fires, these poor animals didn’t stand a chance. However, animal activists and brave volunteers are teaming their efforts with the hope of saving as many animals as possible. Among them, a caring man from Clovis, California is hailed a hero for his incredible gesture. With the help of other volunteers, Blake Cadigan has managed to rescue over 1,000 animals left behind by their powerless owners.

“If you’re able to come help and have the experience like we do, how are you going to sit at home? You can’t do that,” Cadigan told ABC30. “You got to go out here and help these people. Help your friends and families.”

Over the last few days, a lot of animals have been rescued, but even so there are still countless out there waiting for help. Beside that, the volunteers’ resources are limited as they feed these rescued animals from their own pocket. “We got a good donation yesterday of a $1,000 and that’s already gone,” Cadigan said. “So we’re paying out of pocket right now.”

Everyone who’s willing to help Blake Cadigan and his rescue team, can do it here!

Credits abc30

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