Kitten escapes pet store display to comfort lonely dog friend

This video has to be the most adorable one that surfaced the Internet lately. The footage shows an adorable kitten escaping her pen at a pet store to get close to a lonely dog that was just inches away from her. The two pets were separated by a plastic barrier at JoLinn Pet House, a pet store in Taiwan. The one to take initiative was the kitten.

The feline could no longer stand being separated from her canine friend, so she decided to act rebellious and shrink the distance separating her from the dog. Taking advantage of her awesome motor skills and incredible flexibility, the cat managed to escape its booth and get to the dog. In all fairness, her escape plan looks a little clumsy, but the important thing is that she managed to get to where she was heading.

The dog could barely hold its excitement as he realizes he will soon have a buddy to keep him company in his booth. I hope that whoever gets to take this dog home will also consider getting the cat, because it’s clear the two will do whatever it takes to be together. This comes to show that there’s no obstacle big enough to keep friends away from each other.

You can watch the adorable scene here!

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