This Koala Broke Into A Woman’s Home And Tried To Pole Dance

What would you do if you came home and you found an intruder in your home? For many people, it’s a terrifying thought. So if you’re like most people, you would most likely totally freak out and start running towards the closest exit. But what if the intruder was an adorable koala bear trying to climb a pole? Well, then you’d probably hurry up to take your phone out of your pocket and start recording.
That’s what the woman in the video below did when she came home one day to discover there was a koala bear in the middle of her living room trying to pole dance (nu judging here). The bear looked pretty embarrassed to be caught in the middle of things and froze.
Most likely, the marsupial had entered through a door the woman left open for her dog. The woman is a pole dancer and has recently appeared in her first competition, so the koala bear was probably there to teach some new moves to help it in the wild.
The unlikely encounter took place in Australia. This is something you need to see to believe, so check it out!

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