Mother Finds Daughter’s Priceless Necklace Through Facebook

Whenever they lose someone close to them, most people like to hang on to certain objects that belonged to person who’s passed away as a way to keep the memory alive and still feel someone connected to that person. It goes without saying that these objects have an immeasurable emotional value.
Vicky Pyne’s daughter Alice passed away from Hodgkin’s lymphoma a couple of years back. The girl was only a teenager when she was diagnosed and died soon after. Her entire family felt an incredible lost and thought they were never be able to recover. Mom’s entire world was shattered into pieces.
Shortly after being diagnosed, Alice made a beautiful necklace for her mom. She wanted her mom to always have something to remember her by. The necklace had two little hearts — one with Alice’s fingerprint, and the other of her sister’s fingerprint. From the day she received the necklace, Vicky never took it off.
A year after Alice passed away; Vicky lost the precious necklace during a trip she took to New York City. The necklace had somehow fallen on the busy streets of Manhattan. When she realized the necklace was missing, the woman initiated a desperate search to find it.
Here’s what happened next:

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