Lazy elephant stops traffic after taking a nap in the middle of the road

We have seen countless traffic jams caused by wild animals, but this might be the most adorable one yet. Responsible for it is a massive wild elephant who – apparently – was too lazy to find a proper place to rest, so he decided to lay down in the middle of a highway and take a nap!

The comical scene, that unfolded in the province of Nakhon Ratchasima in the northeastern Thailand, was caught on video by a lucky driver. Nattawat Patsungsing was heading to work, when he came across the sleeping giant. Even though he was in a hurry, the 57-year-old man stopped his vehicle and waited in silence for the elephant to finish his nap.

Nattawat Patsungsing

Oh boy…you’re taking the entire road,” the man can be heard. “Can you please move, little boy? I really have to go to work.”

With the road completely blocked by the elephant’s enormous body, Patsungsing couldn’t help but wait while watching him flapping his gigantic ears as dreaming. The man patiently waited inside his car, for about 20 minutes, until the massive animal woke up.

Nattawat Patsungsing

The wild elephant snoozed for about 20 minutes, before getting up!

Nattawat Patsungsing

As it later turned out, the lazy jumbo is named Nga-Thong and he’s famous in the region for taking naps in the middle of the roads. Early in the mornings, the weather is pretty cool, but the concrete of the road is still warm, so Nga-Thong takes advantage of it.

Nattawat Patsungsing

“Nga-Thong doesn’t like to reveal himself when the road is busy with cars and loud buses, he’s very shy,” Patsungsing said. “I was waiting about twenty minutes until he finally got up. I was late for my shift at work that day but I was happy to see him so close.”

You can watch the adorable scene below!

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