Would you let your kids operate heavy machinery? If so, this amusement park is meant for you!

If you get a chance to visit Diggerland, an amusement park located in New Jersey, your first impression might be that you’ve set foot on a real construction site, not a family-friendly amusement park.
That’s because, as the name suggests, the main theme at Diggerland is inspired by diggers and JCBs. Inside the park, parents and can ride, drive and operate real diggers, dumpers and other full-size construction machinery.
Not many parents would comfortable allowing their kids to operate heavy-machinery, for obvious reasons, but the park’s official say there’s nothing to worry about.
Well, safety aside, this is quite probably the only place in the world where parents and kids can operate real heavy machinery together – and actually have fun doing it.
And I guess not all amusement parks need to be like Disneyland, right? Curious to take a peek inside the park and see some of its most popular attractions? Watch the video below for a quick tour of the place.
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