This will make you feel so old! Kids Confused by Cassette Tapes

Do you know what cassette tapes are? If you do, congratulations, you’re old. Kist kidding. You’re just older than kids these days who were pretty much born with a touch screen device in their hands. To them, cassette tapes are unidentified objects, and they have no idea how to use them. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at the two brothers in the video below.
The boys came across some old cassette tapes at their grandparents’ house, and they had no idea what they were. So they took them to their grandparents to ask them, and they were told that the mysterious objects were actually used to listen to music, you know, back in the day.
The boys’ reaction is going viral. Not only were they surprised to hear about their utility but you can actually see them struggling to picture the devices in action. According to the clip’s description on YouTube, the boys still don’t fully understand how cassette tapes work!
This will make you feel so old. But, hey, at least you know how to use a cassette tape! A small comfort, I know. Don’t miss out on the chance to make others feel old as well and share this clip

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