Tiny foal thinks he’s big enough to work with dad in Budweiser’s most adorable video yet

The best commercials are the one that come with a powerful message, don’t you think? Sure, funny commercials have their appeal as well, but it’s always nice when an ad makes you think or feel something inside. However, this ad from Budweiser definitely sets a pretty high standard for its competitors. It actually has it all. It’s endearing, smart, and it features some of the most beautiful horses that you’ll ever see.

The video tells the story of a horse that doubts his own strength and abilities (much like many of us do). The ad follows him as he slips into a harness and tries to pull a wagon that is just too big for him. Still, the tenacious horse doesn’t give up and continues to try and pull that wagon. Finally, with a little help from a kind friend, the horse managed to pull the wagon and gain more confidence.

The message is pretty obvious: if you give it all you’ve got and don’t quit when things get harder, everything will turn out fine in the end and you’ll manage to reach your goal. This has to be one of the best Budweiser commercials ever, don’t you think? Take a look:

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