In remembrance of Leonard Cohen: K.D Lang sings a spine-tingling rendition of “Hallelujah”

Sadly, we lost a lot of amazing artists in 2016. One of them is Leonard Cohen. The singer passed away in November in his home in Los Angeles, California. The man was 82 years old, and left behind an entire career filled with memorable hits that many of us fell in love with.
His talent will forever be remembered, and he will continue to live on thanks to his unique voice that has captured the attention of millions across the world.
Originally from Canada, Leonard Cohen spend nearly half a decade creating and performing music that has played a tremendous role shaping the music industry. During his impressive career, Cohen released 14 albums and dozens of hits.
One of the songs he is most well-known for is Hallelujah. Released in 1984, the song has become one of the most-covered history in the music industry. As incredible as it may sound, there are actually over 2,000 versions of the songs recorded up to now.
K.D. Lang recorded his own version of the sound, and the result will give you goosebumps. This has to be one of the best renditions of the song. Check it out:

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